Vibrant | Production FACILITY
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Production FACILITY

At Vibrant, we are working with all departments of advertisement such as our sister concern production House Hood is on our panel. We offer full services of Production ,TV Commercialism Documentaries , Music vedios , Corporate videos ,Corporate Videos ,3D Character Animations ,3D feature animated Film, We also performs Models Casting and auditions for vedios and adverts.

Production, Script Writing & story Board Facilities

We all are working under one umbrella we known as VIBRANT COMMUNICATION, We have in house facilility to create developed of script with our experienced and intelligent creative time serving this professional for last 2 to 3 decades .They Create TVc and documentary script on the base of client brief in different languages.

Skills of Our Production

We are using high-equipments and software as per Digital media business .we are equipped with networks of 64 bits bi- Procccessor bassed work satations and servers. We mostly shoots our scenes with CANON 5D mark II, Sony XD CAM-EX3, and if we need we used the RED Cameras.

We are mainly using CAD Software and graphic software solutions packages from auto desk and adobe system in additions to various plug-in.